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Very glad to join up with a solid group of athletes this year, I posted the site info below but check out the site at

for the full write up!




What is the Form and Fitness OCR Team? Well, OCR or Obstacle Course Racing is an exploding athletic market across the United States and the globe. Several major franchises like Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash among the many others have been paving the way for a new era of athletics! Obstacle Course Races get a lot of their heritage from the U.S. Military and some of their functional training obstacle courses, and have evolved what was a team building exercise into a lifestyle of fitness, health, and camaraderie!

Form and Fitness decided we wanted to form an OCR Team this year after meeting several great athletes at events who were on the brink of taking the next step. We’re an OCR Team who’s looking to turn our hobby into a profession, building on one another’s strengths while helping others in their journeys to become healthier, stronger, and mentally sharper! Follow our OCR Team across America in 2015!

Form and Fitness 2015 Official OCR Team Athletes

Form and Fitness 2015 Supplemental OCR Team Athletes

Form and Fitness OCR is looking for Sponsors!

Is your business looking to extend their marketing reach in 2015? Our OCR Team is the team you are looking for! Our athletes cover most major regions in the United States, and due to the nature of our events, we travel well!

Form and Fitness OCR Team has a fast growing reach in person, and across social media with the ability to really help your brand grow! With over 20,000 highly engaged followers just on our Instagram accounts, a number which grows by the day! That number though is dwarfed by our overall reach across social media, our websites, and in person contact which is roughly over 100,000 and likely to grow at an even greater rate in 2015!