Weekly Work

Monday Squat – Work up to a heavy double Deadlift from 2″ def (speed) 55% x 2 x 10 GHD Hip Extension x 10-12 x 5 800m x 1, 400m x 2, 100m x 4. Rest 3 minutes b/tw each. Tuesday Bench Press – heavy double BTN Shoulder Press x 6-8 x 5 DB flyes […]

Weekly Work

Monday Deadlift – work up to a heavy single x 82% 5 x 8 Squat x ~55% of 1RM x 3 x 10 RDL x 6-8 x 5 Weighted back ext x 10-12 x 4 Reverse Hyper x 20-24 x 4 25m sprint x 12 (45 sec rest b/tw sets Tuesday McGill Pull Ups x […] 2015 OCR TEAM

Very glad to join up with a solid group of athletes this year, I posted the site info below but check out the site at for the full write up!       What is the Form and Fitness OCR Team? Well, OCR or Obstacle Course Racing is an exploding athletic market across […]

2014 UltraBeast DNF

People have been asking me the same questions about Killington. Was it hard? Did you win? What was it like running down those hills?what was it like going up those hills? Is that a mud run? I’m not really one for clichés, and I’m certainly never been one that smiled profusely when someone looked at […]


Monday 7/28/14   Back Squat: heavy double 3 position snatch (Power, below knee, Floor): 70% x 5 Power Jerk: Work up to a heavy double Clean Pulls: 105% x 3 x 4   Tuesday 7/29/14   3 position clean (Power, below knee, Floor): 70% x 5 Snatch Balance: work up to a heavy triple Snatch […]

CrossFit Golf 10.19.2014

CrossFit Golf!! CFG 4 Events announced by CrossFit Carolina Beach ATHLETES- Arrive at 330. Carnage starts at 4pm. Therefore, leave at 3. Event 1- SPRINT & SUFFER: 330 yards Med Ball Relay. Run with the med ball. One at a time. To the flag and back Event 2- CRAWL FOR GLORY: 180 Yards. Bear Crawl. […]

Tri-Span 10K Summary

Finish line… After 6 miles of swelter . Lots of things to say about this race,none of them being overly pleasant. Unexpectedly challenging for a couple of reasons , but a great experience and some amount of fun. This really reinforced that I really don’t like running races on the road but at the same […]

7.7.14 Ramble

So it’s been a while since I last posted on this blog, at least with a mumbo-jumbo report anyway. Things of been going okay my running routine is been able to stay pretty solid and I’ve had distances of 14 to 15 miles accomplished. Yesterday I attempted a 16 to 18 mile run, I made […]